Merkel has told off the trump


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German Chancellor Angela Merkel responded to the words of the American leader Donald trump that Berlin is under the full control of Russia. The statement she made on Wednesday, July 11, arriving for the NATO summit in Brussels, reports Reuters.

“I went through a period when the part of Germany controlled by the Soviet Union. I am very glad that today we are United in a free Germany. So we can say that conduct an independent policy and take independent decisions,” said the Chancellor.

Merkel also pointed to the fact that not only Washington, but Berlin does a lot to NATO, including ranks second after the US in the number of involved forces. “We are actively cooperating on Afghanistan. And so we also protect the interests of the United States,” she added.

Earlier, on 11 July, trump said that Germany became a “prisoner of Russia” because of the support of the project “Northern stream-2”. He stressed that he considers “highly inappropriate” situation in which the US is paying to protect Europe from Russia, when Germany as the richest country in the region supports the construction of the pipeline. He also expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Berlin is unable to increase defence spending, despite the available funds.

The NATO summit takes place in Brussels on 11-12 July.

“Nord stream-2” gas pipeline project between Russia and Germany, which will run under the Baltic sea. The total capacity of the project is estimated at 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. The pipeline is scheduled for late 2019.

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