Penfriend from Russia and China found each other after 56 years



Retired from Saransk can find contacts of the Chinese with whom she corresponded when I was in school. This was reported edition of South China Morning Post.

In childhood Lyudmila Ivanova spoke with Chunju Duan (Duan Chunxiu) from China that her name was Liu Xia. They were chatting in Russian, and usually discussed school life. According to the pensioner, she sent three letters and received two responses, as well as a postcard with views of West lake. In addition, the Chinese sent her your picture.

“I’m 15 years old, I study very well and my life is very happy,” wrote Duan in 1962. The girl asked Soviet friend to tell about yourself and share your photos.

Ivanova wanted to find out how is her friend. When she learned that the neighborhood stopped Chinese reporter Zhang Cheung (Zhang Heyun), who came to cover the world Cup, she asked him to help. “I just wanted to know what my pen PAL is alive and healthy,” she explained.

Cheung published the Duan in the Chinese social network WeChat. Soon he was contacted by her former classmate. It turned out that the Chinese woman is still alive, but retired, she has health problems. When relatives showed her the pictures, she remembered her friend from Russia, and expressed a desire to continue communication by e-mail. Because she forgot Russian language, family Duan plans to use an online translator, that women were able to correspond.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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