Russian hijackers complicated life


Photo: Konstantin Chalabov / RIA Novosti

The state Duma in the third final reading passed a law which requires of car thieves to pay damages in the case of a subsequent theft or damage to vehicles. On Wednesday, July 7, reported on the official website of the Duma.

The law introduces amendments to article 1080 of the Russian Civil code, which defines the liability of persons in possession of another’s property. Now, if the thief stole a stolen vehicle, he will be obliged fully to indemnify the owner of the car.

The wording of the bill it reads: “a Person who has unlawfully taken possession of another property, which was subsequently damaged or lost due to the actions of another person, acting independently from the first person responsible for the harm caused. This rule does not exempt from liability for damages on the part of a tortfeasor”.

According to the head of the Duma Committee on civil, criminal, arbitration and procedural legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov, the project was made to implement the decisions of the constitutional court, aimed at protecting the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, victim of carjacking or car theft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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