Russian “Porobic” drown the American “Tomahawks”


Il-22ПП Photo: United aircraft Corporation

The upgraded aircraft, EW (electronic warfare) Il-22ПП (“jammer and associated intelligence”) with a new system “Porobic” is able to suppress satellite data of the opponent is necessary for “accuracy of determining the position in height of the object.” This was stated by TASS chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski.

“And under the object it is necessary to understand a winged long-range missiles of type “Tomahawk” and the operational type assignment JASSM, JASSM-ER, and so on. All they use for their flight and target data from the satellite,” — said the military expert.

According to him, the satellite data also enjoys the strategic and tactical aviation. “This other aircraft destruction, including guided aviation bombs and a variety of modules. This naval products, including anti-ship long-range missiles,” — said murakhovski.

The expert noted that military signal satellite navigation systems allows you to accurately provide data in longitude and latitude position of the object but not the object’s height above sea level. To improve the accuracy of the data, particularly the height of the object above sea level, used ground station of differential corrections. “The aircraft EW system also allows you to effectively push the data from these stations, which significantly degrades the accuracy of determining the position in height of the object,” — said the military expert.

In July 2018, a source in the defense industrial complex reported that in Russia created a plane that can disable military satellites. According to him, the new machine will replace in videoconferencing delivered today, the aircraft electronic warfare Il-22ПП “Porobic”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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