Sheremetyevo will return to the Smoking room until the end of September


Photo: Alexei Nikolsky / RIA Novosti

Sheremetyevo airport has decided on the company that will install seven pavilions for Smoking with the exhaust system. About it reports RBC.

The contract amount to 3.93 million rubles was signed with the Petersburg company “the Smoking area” on June 22. The company should establish Smoking room at the airport until 30 September. According to “Interfax”, the Smoking areas will be located at least 15 meters from entrances to the building.

The pavilions will be built in accordance with the requirements. Their options are be four feet long, two wide and 2.85 meters tall. Also, the Smoking room must be made of glass and aluminium and have an exhaust system that provides a tenfold upgrade of air every hour.

In November 2017, the administration of the Sheremetyevo airport appealed to the deputies with a proposal to return the Smoking areas. In April 2016, a similar statement was made by the co-owner of Vnukovo.

After the publication of the anti-Smoking law in 2013, the Smoking areas were banned in all public places, including airports. According to this law Smoking is allowed at a minimum distance of 15 meters from the door stations, hospitals, schools.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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