The coach of Russian national team has compared criticism of the team with unconsumed alcoholic


Miroslav Romashenko: Alexander vilf / RIA Novosti

A member of the coaching staff of Russian national team Miroslav Romashchenko has responded to criticism of a former player of the national team Andrey Kanchelskis. Assistant Stanislav Cherchesov has made the appropriate entry in his Facebook.

“One, he motivated me by example in hard work. I admired him,” writes Romashchenko about Kanchelskis. He also notes that at the time dreamed of sharing photos.

“The result: in the yard in 2018, I see drunken wakana unclaimed and empty howl of a man whose behind nothing but the past. Addiction to alcohol, it seems, hopelessly removed it from the sense of reality. Empty head fast feet — it’s unfortunate, but understandable,” concluded the 44-year-old.

49-year-old Kanchelskis repeatedly acted with criticism of the national team, in particular head coach. On 2 July, despite the victory of the Russians over Spain, former player of the national team critical of the work of cherchesova.

At home the world championship Russian national team got to the 1/4 finals. The team of cherchesova has stopped in a step from the semifinals of the tournament, losing on penalties to Croatia (3:4, 2:2).

Kanchelskis played in the teams of the USSR and Russia. In the club career of a football player include such clubs as Dynamo Kyiv, “Manchester United” and “Glasgow Rangers”.

In the asset Romashchenko 15 matches in the national team of Belarus. The player played for in Russia, “Uralmash” and Moscow “Spartak”. Since October 2011 he is collaborating with Cherchesov, as his assistant in various teams. Including the Moscow “Dynamo” “Amkar”, the Polish “Legia”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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