The Creator of the VIP camera in “sailor’s Silence” has gone towards the investigation


Dionysius, Zolotovo: Gleb Schelkunov / Kommersant

Dionysius Zolotov, known as the Creator of the VIP-zone in the SIZO “Matrosskaya Tishina”, entered into a pretrial agreement with the investigation. He was charged with theft by fraud 80 million rubles from Vladimir Yevdokimov, a former top Manager of “Roscosmos” quality. About it “” reported in the Prosecutor General’s office of Russia.

According to the investigation, Zolotov, after being arrested for fraud and while in the detention center №5 “Water,” suggested his cellmate Evdokimov through friends corrupt law enforcement officers to reclassify his case on softer article. In addition, he promised Evdokimov to change the measure of restraint from arrest to house arrest or on bail. These services of gold was estimated at 80 million rubles. Evdokimov and his wife have collected the required amount and handed it to the lawyer Zolotov Alexander Malofeev.

“In fact, the prisoner and his accomplices have not had the opportunity and intent to transfer any specified amount. The accused entered into a pretrial agreement with the investigation, which was approved by the Prosecutor, and filed a motion to hear the case in a special manner”, — stressed in the Supervisory Agency. This means that both can count on the term not more than three quarters of the minimum under the criminal code, that is about 7.5 years.

Dionysius Zolotov, 2015 has been sentenced for the same offence to six years ‘ imprisonment, as well in a special manner. In exchange for the easing it has given grateful evidences against the former chiefs of police for the Western district of Moscow — Colonel Vladimir Rozhkov and major General Alexei Laushkin. The first of them convicted of accepting bribes and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, the second disappeared from the investigation and declared in the international search.

Vladimir Evdokimov was found dead in the toilet of the detention unit №5 “Water” on the night of 16 March 2017. According to experts, he killed himself. Then his ex-wife and said the FSB on the transfer of large amounts lawyer.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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