The headmistress pretended to be disabled and incurs the wrath of parents


Photo: Jo page in Facebook.

The Director of elementary schools Joe Sadler (Jo Sadler) put the avatar in Facebook the photo in a wheelchair, which caused the anger of the parents of the students. About it reports The Mirror.

The picture was taken in the car Park. The image Sadler laughs, sitting in a wheelchair. In comments to the avatar women friends joked that now the woman was “special”, and therefore deserves “especially a lot of” likes.

On the photo quickly drew the attention of the parents of students who were in a special group on Facebook. They stated that the actions of the headmistress was “extremely inappropriate and disappointing” and the comments were “derogatory in nature”.

In the end, worried parents sent to school collective letter with an official complaint against Sadler, accusing it of undermining the reputation of the institution. They also called the behavior of the headmistress insulting to children with disabilities.

An employee of the school said that was photographed in the chair when I was helping a friend with a disability. The picture was taken in memory of that day, and the woman didn’t intend to offend anyone. In the end, she has removed a controversial image from social networks and apologized to the offended users.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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