The mother jumped into the river and rescued the son of a crocodile


Photo: Carlo Allegri / Reuters

In the Indonesian district of East Tanjung Jabung woman saved her son, who was being dragged away by a crocodile. This publication reports the Coconuts.

Reptile attacked 11-year-old Yadi Putra (Putra Yadi), when the boy came to the river for water. The crocodile grabbed the child’s leg and dragged him into the water. His mother, 37-year-old Rasmi (Rasmi), which remained in the village, heard the screams and rushed to help.

By the time when she arrived, the boy was 15 metres from the shore. The woman jumped into the water and swam to him. “When I came, the crocodile released him and fled, — she says. — I didn’t care if there are other crocodiles who might attack me. I concentrated on saving the child.”

The boy was taken to hospital with multiple injuries. Particularly affected left leg, which dragged the predator.

The state environmental Agency of Jambi province sent to the scene a team of specialists. They plan to catch a crocodile that attacked a child and carry it to another place.

In may it was reported that a resident of the Philippines city Balabac, province of Palawan, saved 15-year-old son being attacked by a saltwater crocodile with a length of 4.5 meters.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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