The state Duma refused to adopt a law on equality between men and women


Photo: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

The bill “On state guarantees of the rights and freedoms of men and women and equal opportunities for their realization” rejected by the state Duma. This was reported to journalists by the speaker of the lower house of Parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

The document was adopted in the first reading in 2003. Volodin was part of a group of deputies and senators, which generated a bill to the Duma. Since, according to him, the situation in the country has changed significantly. “We need to take these changes into account and the fact that many of the issues which we then offered, have been resolved,” he said.

Unresolved remains the problem of inequality in pay and promotion, which, in the opinion of the Chairman of the state Duma, connected with potential possibility that the woman leaves in the decree.

“It is unfair that employers first dismiss what women, considering that they get distracted from work for the care and upbringing of children”, — said Volodin.

The MP noted that for 15 years has significantly increased the representation of women in Parliament and their influence on policy. They often occupy leading positions in Duma committees, although on the whole they are in Parliament less than men.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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