The woman hid the snake in the hard disk drive


Photo: Transport Security Administration

At the international airport of the American city of Miami, Florida, at examination of Luggage of one of passengers found a snake hidden inside an external hard drive. This publication reports the Miami Herald.

The bag with the hard drive was carrying a woman EN route from Miami to Barbados. Officer transportation security Administration of the USA has noticed in her Luggage some organic object. He called a specialist-explosives, which opened the device and found inside a live Python.

The scene called for the protection of fish and wildlife resources of the United States, which seized the reptile. The owner of the hard drive fined. Neither she nor Python and flew to Barbados.

In February it was reported that a resident of Mexico tried to mail a live tiger. Although the supporting documents were in order, the shipment of animal by mail admitted ill-treatment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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