Trump has demanded from NATO to double military spending


Donald Truephoto: Alex Brandon / AP

The President of the United States Donald trump demanded that the leaders of member States of the Alliance to double military spending. Such a statement he made during a NATO summit in Brussels on 11 July, reports Reuters.

According to the American leader, instead of my selections above two percent, the NATO countries must contribute to the military four percent of GDP.

The White house confirmed the President’s words, but noted that they do not reflect the official policy of Washington, the Agency said.

“Now all keep asking myself, “is he serious about four percent?””, explained the reaction of leaders to the proposal of trump, the President of Bulgaria rumen Radev. His words, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The Secretary General of the block Jens Stoltenberg said: “first you need to two percent reach. I focused on this”.

According to the newspaper, during the summit of heads of States of the Alliance signed a joint Declaration according to which, by 2024, contributions from the budgets for military spending should reach two percent. It is noted that the increase is welcome.

Earlier in July, the U.S. hinted of great Britain, the dominant partner in NATO may be France, if London is not to increase spending on arms. Now London, according to the established Alliance of the norm, pays for these purposes, two percent of its GDP. However, Washington hopes that the British government will allocate more funds for military purposes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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