A fisherman caught a flesh-eating bacteria and nearly lost his leg


Angel, Parisphoto: Dilena Perez-Dilan

An American resident of new Jersey angel Perez (Angel Perez) almost lost his leg due to infection with flesh-eating bacteria. About it reports The Washington Post.

On the morning of 2 July, the man went for crabs at a place near Delaware Bay. The next day he noticed that his right leg is very swollen, and later was covered with blisters. His daughter Dilena (Dilena) decided that it was due to Parkinson’s disease, which affects the father, but the fisherman felt that something was wrong.

The man was hospitalized and decided that he has a small bacterial inflammation. When Peres went to the doctor, he was diagnosed with acute diffuse purulent inflammation of cellulite.

Despite already diagnosed and prescribed treatment, the blisters spread to the other leg. After the third visit to the hospital, experts have begun to suspect that the man could threaten mortal danger.

The result was figure out what caused the skin lesions of Americans have become flesh-eating bacteria in the genus Vibrio. They probably penetrated under the skin of Perez through a cut or open wound on the leg. For three days they were widely distributed in the body and put the man’s life at risk.

Symptoms of infection are fever, chills, decreased blood pressure and the appearance of bubbles on the skin. In some cases, victims are forced to endure the amputation of the affected limb.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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