A tourist from Russia drowned in Spain


Photo: Juan Medina / Reuters

Russian tourist went for a swim, despite the warnings about dangerous currents, and drowned in Maspalomas (Spain). It is reported by Spanish newspaper La Provincia. It happened on July 11.

Witnesses said that they saw 36-year-old Russian went into the water, ignoring the red flag on the beach. When he began to sink, they immediately called rescuers, who pulled a man out of the water and lifted him to the helicopter. However, they failed to save his life.

Also on this day Spain died windsurfer from Poland. The tourist fell into the water while playing sports and lost consciousness. It also failed to revive.

In June in Turkey, in the sea of drowned tourist from Russia Dmitry Bevz and died 50-year-old Russian Sergey Volodin. The first incident took place in the Turkish city of Alanya on June 8. 31-year-old Dmitry gudgeon swimming in the sea and began to sink. Second Russian who came to the resort with his wife, killed in Kemer, June 7, hitting his head.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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