Android users were attacked by a dangerous virus


Photo: Jason Lee / Reuterss

Security researchers from IBM X-Force has detected a dangerous Trojan Anubis lurking in apps from Google Play. That said in his blog.

According to experts, cybercrime group managed to hide malware in a dozen programs for smartphones running Android. The virus was disguised as online shopping, financial assistants and automotive applications.

After you download the infected programs on the device Anubis under the form of a built-in antivirus Protect Google and asked for the right to scan the user’s actions. After this Trojan can take screenshots of the screen while the phone owner entered personal information in banking applications and electronic wallets.

The developers of the virus regularly upgraded its capabilities and changed the code so security algorithms Google Play does not detect them. Experts said that Anubis was intended for users from Turkey, however, the configuration of malware shows that the virus could spread to other countries.

Employees of IBM X-Force sent to Google the results of the study that the moderators have removed dangerous applications from the store.

The specialists of ESET found a similar virus HeroRat distributed under the guise of useful applications for Android.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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