App Burger King was accused of spying on users


Photo: Gustavo Valiente /

Developer under the name fennikami said that mobile app restaurant chain Burger King secretly monitors users. He told about it on the site Pikabu.

Man found in program code lines that talk about a permanent record of everything that happens on the phone screen. The application then sends all the received videos in mp4 format on the company’s servers.

Fennikami explained that the recording does not stop even when the user drives the Bank card details for payment. According to the developer, access to this information is not only the creators of the application, but the partners of the platform: an example from Analytics company AppSee, which also sent all the records.

Later, the user peek-a-Boo added that Burger King registers touch-screen, and can compare them with the recorded video. Company representatives have not yet responded to the request of the developer.

Previously, users found the tools for covert surveillance of users in the app for soccer fans of La Liga.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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