British fan disappeared in Samara and there were drunk in Moscow


Douglas Marcopoto: @keebs27

Police found British fans of Douglas Morton who disappeared a week ago in Samara, in one of the hotels of Moscow. This was reported on the website of the capital Department of internal Affairs.

“It is established that in respect of any wrongful acts were committed,” added the Agency, without specifying where the Briton was all this time and what he was doing.

According to TASS, in the moment of encounter with the police, Morton was very drunk.

Douglas Morton has lost in Samara, after the match of the quarterfinals of the world Cup, where he played the national teams of England and Sweden. After the game he was going to go to Moscow, but stopped returning phone calls to relatives. The next day the search for the men began British police, and later they were joined by Russian colleagues. The location of the fan out, keep track of purchases on a credit card and analyze data from surveillance cameras. It turned out that Morton left the capital on 10 July by train and a day later arrived at the Moscow Kazansky railway station.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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