Canadian business trump found the Russian-Ukrainian trace


Photo: Chris Helgren / AP

Skyscraper, Trump Toronto in Toronto, Canada was built on Russian money, says the Financial Times, who spent his own investigation. According to the newspaper, a partner of the current us President in the project was canadian businessman of Russian origin Alex (Alexander) Snyder.

Money to invest in the construction of the Trump tower Toronto Schneider took out income from the sale of its stake in Ukrainian steel mill Zaporizhstal, the newspaper said. Prior to 2010, half of its shares belonged to Snyder and his partner Eduard Shifrin (through the British company Midland Group).

The deal to sell a 50 percent stake in Zaporizhstal has become a great event in the global steel market. It is known that they claimed the largest steelmaking company of world ArcelorMittal, Russian Severstal and South Korea’s Posco. Another possible buyer was the Cypriot Luxe Holdings, owned by Donetsk businessman Rinat Akhmetov.

He was the closest to a deal, but at the last moment prior arrangement between him and Midland was broken, and the stock was sold to unnamed Russian investors. According to the Financial Times, they were represented by the VEB and the Russian “Troika Dialog”. The first is funding, the second was the nominal owner.

The total amount of the transaction amounted to $ 850 million, while Akhmetov offered 690 million. Luxe Holdings filed in a London court on Midland and about the arrest of shares of “Zaporozhstal” announced personally by the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

As found by the British newspaper, Akhmetov agreed with Schneider and Shifrin for compensation. He got $ 50 million, another 100 million was paid to the Ukrainian official and former head of “Naftogaz” Igor Bakai, who has acted as intermediary. The money publication called “secret Commission payment”. Midland itself received $ 10 million from the difference between the sentences Akhmetov and an unnamed Russian businessmen. Its part of the revenue of Schneider allegedly sent to the construction of a skyscraper, Trump Toronto. The developer made his company Talon International Development, the erection was completed in 2012. The building housed the hotel. Five years later, after the election trump President of the United States, the name was changed to Adelaide Hotel Toronto in order to avoid Association with his policies.

A year later, in 2011, Rinat Akhmetov still bought the stake in Zaporizhstal, but already 25% through another company registered in Donetsk group “Metinvest”. This time he was able to negotiate with the second major shareholder of the plant — the Ukrainian group “industrial.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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