FIFA tested for doping of all participants in the world Cup


Photo: Carl Recine / Reuters

All doping samples taken from the participants of the world championship on football of 2018, were negative. About it reported in a press release of the International football Federation (FIFA), which arrived in edition “”.

The organization had carried out testing before and during the world Cup. It was the most ambitious in the history of the world Championships. FIFA checked about 1.5 thousand players who could be or become participants of the tournament. In total from January 2018, the Federation took 3985 samples and all were negative.

July 9, the German newspaper Bild suggested that the Russian football team breathed in the ammonia break matches, the playoffs of the world Cup 2018. It is not included in the list of banned substances, but its use has a stimulating effect, improving the flow of oxygen in the athlete’s body. According to journalists, so the Russian players had an advantage over the Spaniards.

The doctor of the national team Edward Bezuglov said that the players had used ammonia. “It’s hard to say what kind of imagination you need to have to suspect ammonia some secret doping,” he said.

The world championship will end on July 15. In the final of the tournament will play France and Croatia in the match for third place, England and Belgium.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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