Found a way to prevent the last stage of cancer


Photo: Peter Nicholls / Reuters

Tulane University scientists in the U.S. found that several types of already used medications can be effective in the fight against the formation of metastases, which are characteristic of the terminal stage of cancer. These compounds help to prevent the transmission of chemical signals via exosomes between cancer cells. About it reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

Exosomes represent a microscopic vesicles consisting of lipid membranes and the contained protein molecules and RNA. It is shown that actsoma secreted by cancer cells are substances that stimulate tumor growth. For example, vesicles can transport oncogenes in neighboring cells, enhancing proliferation of the latter, or proteins (e.g., MT1-MMP,) that make the tissue surrounding the tumor vulnerable to the penetration of malignant cells. In addition, actsoma may contain signaling factors that suppress activation of the immune system.

The researchers analyzed 4580 known pharmacologically active compounds and FDA approved drugs. It turned out that 22 of them, including antibiotics, antifungal and anti-inflammatory agent that can prevent the release of exosomes from prostate cancer cells and slow down tumor progression.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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