Found alcohol in blood “drunk” the boy’s doctor will be judged


Michael Kleimenova:

In the Railway city court of Moscow region sent a criminal case against a forensic expert Michael kleimenova, which found a large dose of alcohol in the blood of the deceased in an accident six-year-old Alex Shimko. It is reported by the Russian Prosecutor General’s office.

The investigation established that during the examination of the dead body of the child, the doctor broke the rules of selection of samples of blood and used a metal ladle, from which the samples were contaminated. Also he hadn’t sent the blood in a forensic chemistry laboratory. All this led to the fact that the samples are fermented, they formed acetaldehyde and 2.7% ethanol. This was revealed by forensic chemical study, resulting in the boy recognized very drunk.

“Made by kleimenova violations entailed conducting in relation to the parents of the deceased procedural checks, which caused them deep spiritual experiences and a substantial moral harm”, — added in Department.

In accordance with the approved indictment, Kleimenov is accused of negligence (part 1 of article 293 of the criminal code). He faces a fine, compulsory or correctional labor, or arrest.

Alex Shimko died 23 April 2017 in an accident in Balashikha. His blood found 2.7 ppm of ethanol. After many trials, the medical examiner was a criminal case about negligence. The culprit of the accident Olga Alisovo the court sentenced to three years imprisonment and ordered to pay the parents of the child 63 thousand rubles for burial, and 2.5 million as compensation for moral damage.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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