In the United States called trump a Russian spy since 1987


Photo: Yves Herman / Reuters

American magazine New York Magazine ahead of the meeting of the leaders of the United States and Russia, published an article with the theory that Donald trump since 1987 is a Russian spy. The author of the article Jonathan Chait calls the talks with trump collusion of the head of the Russian intelligence with his guide.

The journalist believes that the political breakthrough of the American leader happened in 1987 and leads the events leading up to this time. In the investigation said that led by Mikhail Gorbachev, the USSR began to open up borders and to attract investors then there was trump.

In 1986 he met in new York with Soviet Ambassador Yuri Dubinin, and in July 1987 he visited Moscow. “From Moscow, trump returned with political ambitions”, — stated in the material.

Chait notes that then each country went its own way, however, in 1999 came to power Vladimir Putin. According to the journalist, since Russia was planning to make trump President of the United States. “The Russians secretly supported the Union politicians abroad. Putin, of course, thinks that intelligence work is Central to foreign policy,” writes Chait.

According to the journalist, the fact that trump is going to meet privately with Vladimir Putin in the end of this month, making the collusion evident and you should not consider this meeting only as a platform for talks between the two leaders.

Edition of the Washington Post criticized the theory of Jonathan Come. The article said that trump could cooperate with Russia during the presidential campaign of 2016, but the evidence for long-collusion no.

Jonathan Chait is an American journalist, columnist for New York Magazine. In their submissions, he often criticized the conservative party. One of the most discussed materials of the journalist began the article titled “Hatred of Bush”.

The leaders of Russia and USA will meet in the Finnish capital Helsinki on July 16. It was reported that they intend to discuss prospects of further development of relations between Moscow and Washington, as well as topical issues on the international agenda. Trump is going to talk with Putin about the conflict in Syria and Ukraine, the alleged Moscow’s intervention in the American elections.

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