It is estimated the damage to the global economy from uneducated women


Photo: Muhammed Muheisen / AP

The world Bank has described the losses of the global economy due to the inaccessibility of education for girls. This is stated in the report of the Unrealized potential : the high cost of gender inequality in earnings (the”unrealized potential: the high cost of income inequality”).

According to the report, over 130 million girls do not attend school, therefore, the global economy loses up to $ 30 trillion a year. According to preliminary estimates, if every girl received a secondary education, their cumulative earnings could additionally bring to the world economy from 15 trillion to 30 trillion dollars a year.

According 2016, approximately 132 million girls aged 6 to 17 years all over the world do not attend school. 90% of girls get primary education, but only 77 percent graduated high school. In countries with low income to complete the high school program reach and at a third of the girls.

The world Bank has calculated that women who had completed primary school, earn to 20 percent more than their uneducated counterparts. At the same time, wages of women with secondary education is twice higher, while women with higher education are three times than those who for whatever reason are not able to go to school

A report on gender inequality became the first in a series of future publications of the world Bank.

Earlier, the Russians recognized the most vulnerable in the world from violence: according to the annual world Bank report Women, Business and the Law, Russia scored zero points in the field of protection of women’s rights in a country does not have laws on domestic violence, harassment in the workplace and in school.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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