MOE had caught itself in the systematic and years of self-destruction


Photo: Victor Witelski / RIA Novosti

Two-week internal review of the Ministry of emergency situations revealed that the last four years, the Agency was engaged in systematic self-destruction. Talking about this data contained in the report of the chief of the National center for crisis management EMERCOM of Russia Viktor Azucena. The document is in RBC.

The budget of the Department declined from year to year: in 2015-to 183 billion rubles, in 2016-m — 172, in 2017-m — 169.

The major problems were poor social support personnel, shortage and obsolescence of fire equipment.

“The Ministry there is a false opinion about a fairly prosperous situation with staffing of on-duty guard — about 90 percent”, — noted in the report, Azucena. This figure was achieved through drastic cuts in staffing levels, without taking into account important standards. For example, a crew on a fire truck is three instead of the required six.

The state legally was reduced by half because of what each inspector has now more than thousands of objects.

Due to the fact that in the last three years has stopped the distribution of graduates of specialized educational institutions, there was a shortage of officers.

The Ministry was dismissed by all the experts logistical and technical support.

Operation term is exceeded the greater part of the fire (67 percent) and specific (73 percent).

“From the state armament programme excluded high-rise equipment, ladders, work platforms in the amount of 340 units…, the fighting clothes of firemen in the amount of 21 thousand units…, fire hoses — more than 39 thousand units…”, — the document says. Instead, the program has included the purchase of two thousand drones for a total of almost half a billion rubles, which needs just 88 pieces.

In addition, the state order found 1360 tankers, the cost of which is twice the former, and totaled 24 billion rubles.

The provision of medical care to firefighters because of underfunding meanwhile, fell by 70 percent. The staff of the Ministry has practically ceased to provide housing.

The inspectors identified shortcomings resulted in the reduction of fire inspections, the fall of the quality of work of firefighters and the increase in the number of fires, including in shopping malls.

To 23, the leaders of the responsible departments shall submit to the Minister Yevgeny Senichevu specific plans to address identified deficiencies.

Analysis of the activities of the Department was conducted in the period from 28 may to 15 June.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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