Putin reported about the salvation of billions of rubles


Yuri Chaninfo: Dmitry Dukhanin / Kommersant

Rosfinmonitoring, prevented the withdrawal of Russia 50 billion rubles, said President Vladimir Putin the Minister Yuri Chikhanchin, quoted by TASS. Managed to do it with the help of the judicial system.

“We were able to suspend [output] somewhere around 50 billion rubles due to the joint interaction with the team [President of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation] Lebedev, that is, after the court has confirmed that the money is fake”, — said Chikhanchin.

According to him, the authorities are developing a national system for risk classification in trying to launder money.

“According to these national risk assessments, identifies five areas for increased attention today, this credit-financial sphere, is connected with corruption area of increased attention, drug trafficking, illegal use of budget funds and the financing of terrorism,” the official said.

Earlier on July 12, became aware of the revocation of the Latvian ABLV Bank, accused of laundering money from the customers from Russia and former USSR countries. This decision is the culmination of the process of voluntary liquidation that the Bank’s management launched in mid-June due to mass outflow of client funds, and failing compliance with the standard for capital adequacy.

In February, the U.S. government has charged Bank charges of mass money laundering. The Finance Ministry said that it was the main direction of activities of credit organizations.

In early may, the Central Bank has described the basic methods of withdrawal of money from Russia. 24% of the total (or 23 billion rubles in 2017) was accounted for by advance payments of import of goods or services. 19 billion was withdrawn, according to the documents of the Federal service bailiffs, 13 billion on securities transactions and import of goods within the Customs Union.

In mid-may, the Central Bank announced an increase in private capital outflow from Russia. In January-April 2018 it amounted to 21 billion $ 17.9 billion a year earlier. The main source of capital outflow from the country is not connected with illegal activities. Basically it is the repayment of external loans and Eurobonds banks.

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