Refuted the popular hypothesis of the origin of humans in Africa


Photo: Laurent Cipriani / AP

Scientists at Oxford University (UK) and the Institute of history of the person max Planck (Germany) came to the conclusion that Homo sapiens evolved from several groups of archaic humans that lived in Africa. About it reported in a press release on

Although the vast majority of anthropologists are inclined to think that the “cradle” of humanity was Africa, there is disagreement about how on the continent was the evolution of man. The most popular hypothesis says that modern humans descended from a single population arhantrop.

However, according to the hypothesis of the African multiregionalism, archaic human ancestors for thousands of years were separated by forests and deserts, which gave rise to a large variety of populations of ancient people. Over time there was a mixing of these populations, which ultimately led to the emergence of modern Homo sapiens.

According to the authors of a new scientific work published in the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution, the second hypothesis is confirmed by the fact that stone tools and other ancient artifacts found in Africa, form separate groups according to their age and place of discovery. This indicates that the development of human culture took place at different times in different regions of the continent.

A similar pattern is observed among the fossils. So, modern features appear in different groups, and it confirms that Homo sapiens appeared due to the interaction between the relatively isolated populations of archaic humans. According to the researchers, the genetic diversity in the past was so high that it could hardly be maintained by a single population.

According to the African hypothesis, the first humans anatomically modern type appeared in Africa, where I went to different branches of sapiens, including pygmies and Bushmen. An alternative hypothesis is the Multiregional (“” wrote about it) — claims that all races of people evolved from separate groups of arhantrop Homo erectusthat lived in Eurasia, but it is refuted by the data of paleontology and paleogenetics. Hypothesis African multiregionalism, according to some researchers, is a more viable version of the global multiregionalism.

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