Relatives of the died from torture in police Russians will give 50 thousand roubles


Sergey Drozdosvet: ADV-TV / YouTube

Supreme court of Tatarstan has increased to 50 thousand rubles the amount of compensation of moral harm to the inhabitant of Kazan Sergey Drozdov, whose brother died from torture in the police Department. This “Mediazone” said lawyer Igor Sholokhov.

The current compensation is five times higher than that previously awarded to the Kirov district court of Kazan. The defense called 50 thousand rubles meager compensation awarded at national level. “It will be an additional argument in considering the complaint of Sergey Drozdov, who is already in the ECHR,” added Sholokhov.

Drozdov demanded to collect from the interior Ministry more than two million rubles for it brought him suffering during familiarization with the materials of the investigation into the death of a relative, he saw a video of his torture by police and beaten to death.

Deputy Director of the Kazan railway technical school of Pavel Drozdov died February 1, 2012 in the police Department of Kazan, where he was for disorderly conduct in a cafe. When the man began noisily to behave in the detention center, he was tied around his hands and feet in a pose “swallows”. After a few minutes in this position, he lost consciousness and died.

The case against his tortured police officers did not want to stir until there was a video with torture. Then it repeatedly tried to close. Following the appeal to the European court of human rights in November 2017 culprits condemned conditionally for excess of powers of office (part 3 of article 286 of the criminal code).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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