Revealed the secret natural face lift, Meghan Markle


Megan Marketto: Steve Parsons / Reuters

During the first official visit to Ireland as the spouse of Prince Harry Meghan Markle accompanied the 11 beauty experts, but among them there was not one makeup artist. It is reported by The Sun.

According to make-up master Daniel Martin, who did the Duchess makeup for the wedding, the wife of Prince Harry prefers to paint alone, using a minimal amount of makeup.

“I do her make-up, but she copes! She wants her skin was so natural as possible. Today girls completely change their face with contouring and shimmers / highlighters, create artificial dimensions, which are actually not” — said Martin.

In may one of stilistic the Markle Fixed Riley gave recommendations on how to achieve the perfect brow shape. According to her, the favorite form of the eyebrows Markle — as the actress Audrey Hepburn. “Inspired by Audrey, I try to make the bend more straight than round. The ends of the eyebrow should be raised, but not in the form of a jackdaw, and seamlessly. The high arch makes the face of evil,” he shared tips makeup artist.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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