Shot the man during the dance to an FBI agent was allowed to carry a gun


Photo: Denver Police Department / AP

The agent of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), who accidentally shot a man while dancing, allowed to continue to carry weapons as the performance and out of service. Reported by ABC News.

As noted, the court in Denver issued this decision at the request of the agent, 29-year-old Bishop chase (Chase Bishop). It is justified by the fact that the rules the FBI should always carry a weapon.

The man accused of second-degree assault. It is reported that he was offered a deal with the authorities, but its details are unknown. Bishop is at liberty after posting bail of one thousand dollars.

The incident occurred on 2 June. Agent danced in one of denmarka clubs, and when I do a flip, the gun dropped. The accidental shooting happened when a man raised the weapon. The victim was slightly injured, his life is not in danger.

After the incident it was reported that a wounded American get a lifetime of free drinks in a nightclub where it happened.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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