The bird has prevented more than 500 Ukrainians to return home


Photo: Irina Popova / RIA Novosti

More than 500 Ukrainian tourists were unable to fly home from Turkey. The reason for technical failure was caught in the engine of the plane bird, the newspaper reports Hromadske.

According to the foreign Ministry of Ukraine, free of tourists were placed in hotels. The tour operator also offset the costs for food and drinks. Tourists promised to return to Ukraine July 12.

It is noted that on the evening of 11 July, the home went to the Ukrainians, who had to fly from Turkey on 10 July.

Earlier it was reported that a tourist from Russia entered the territory of the Turkish hotel, where the rest of the travelers from Ukraine, and beat the 57-year-old resident of Zaporozhye to death. In the incident, which occurred in the hotel Ganita holiday village in Alanya, Ukrainian were seriously injured and in a coma.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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