The Briton went to the bathroom and unexpectedly gave birth to twins


Photo: Beth Bamford

The British knew about the pregnancy of twins during childbirth at home. The Daily Mail reports that 21-year-old Beth Bamford (Bamford Beth) got up at night to pee and all of a sudden gave birth.

A resident of Staffordshire were unaware of her situation, as she regularly had menstruation, growing belly, she explained that “just fat”. During pregnancy a woman several times went to the doctor because of poor health, but he suggested that she “virus infection”. Until the twins are born at Bamford already had two daughters two and three years.

“I was lying in bed when I suddenly felt sick to the stomach. I poured myself a glass of water, the pain grew worse and worse, and I decided that I needed to use the toilet. I went into labor and didn’t even have time to feel anything,” said the Briton.

She called the paramedics who advised her on the phone. She was advised to push, so she came out the placenta, but instead, Bamford saw the leg of the second child. He wasn’t breathing when he was born, and the dispatcher advised the woman panicked shake of the baby. The mother did so, and the child recovered.

Her husband woke up and called the ambulance. At first, neither he nor the doctors didn’t believe that Bamford did not know about the pregnancy. This greatly offended the woman, “I was in shock after childbirth, and they also accused me of lying”.

In the end it is still hospitalized. The doctors admitted that if she gave birth under the supervision of doctors, she would have to do a caesarean. Mother and newborn stayed in the hospital for about a week. The children were healthy, although Bamford noted that during pregnancy, “lifting weights, dancing and doing things that would not do, if I knew about the children”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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