The coach went too far with the sport and lost his memory


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In Spain, the fitness instructor had a heart attack as a result of too high intensity workouts. According to Daily Mail, this resulted in partial memory loss.

Garth Catarct (Garth Suthurst) fainted directly during a workout. His heart had stopped beating for 20 minutes. The doctors all the time trying to resume the work of the body, but this greatly hindered the sports zone with weights, which was on the victim.

Catarct woke up in the hospital, but could not recognize any of the family members. The girl coach Lewis sorrel (Sorrel Lewis) admitted that the rehabilitation period was given to Starsto very easy: “He had to learn everything from scratch, including to remember our names. I was so afraid that he would change forever, but I felt that our Garth here with us.”

Trying to beat amnesia Lewis included Starsto music. When he started to sing along to your favorite song of The Beatles, the relatives for the first time believed in the chances of recovery.

“Many of our dialogues were meaningless and strained. One day we were talking about what you need to throw a party. He noticed that the cake needs to bake his girlfriend Charlotte she is amazing with cakes. I was thrilled that he remembered something,” said the girl.

After 35 days in the hospital, the coach began to see relatives and continued treatment from home. Doctors believe that Starst survived only because of good health. The man himself admits that he cannot wait to return to gym.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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