The equality of men and women come to Russia 170 years


Oksana Postinfot: Vladimir Fedorenko / “Kommersant”

To overcome inequality between women and men in the Russian economy will need 170 years. This was the “Such cases” said the Deputy Chairman of the Committee for family Affairs Oksana Pushkina.

“The problem of discrimination is not virtual, but measurable. Better to start now, will work on the block of problems,” she said.

According to the MP, the draft law on gender equality is necessary because in the country there are still such problems as, for example, inequality in wages and discrimination in employment. Women are more difficult to take a leadership position if we are not talking about accounting or personnel Department. There even still exists a list of forbidden for women professions. Public persons, including politicians, freely humiliate the honor and dignity of women, and sexual harassment in the workplace go unpunished.

Also the MP has commissioned a study on the topic: “Legal regulation of social status and protection of women’s rights”. It is expected that the bill will be updated in early 2019.

The document on the state guarantees of the rights and freedoms of men and women was adopted in the first reading in 2003, but 11 July 2018, the state Duma unexpectedly rejected it. According to the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, over the past 15 years much has changed and supposedly some of the questions from the paper solved. It is expected that the new version of the draft law will be ready in early 2019.

According to the world economic forum [WEF] in 2016, Russia ranks 75th out of 144 in the ranking of equality between men and women. It’s between Romania and Venezuela.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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