The man chased the lizard buried in the sand up to his neck and stuck


Photo: Queensland Police

In the suburbs of the Australian city of Hervey Bay, Queensland, was rescued by local resident, which was filled with sand during the pursuit of a lizard. This publication reports the Frasier Coast Chronicle.

29-year-old man claims that he saw a bearded argama and chased her across the sand dunes. Suddenly, the ground broke under his feet, and he fell into a collapse depth of two meters. His cries were heard by the people who were nearby and called the emergency services.

Rescuers found that the victim’s neck buried in the sand. They began to dig with his hands and buckets. At the scene there were about 20 police, paramedics and firefighters, then they were joined by utility workers with an excavator. The rescue operation lasted about five hours.

Police said the victim is known to them. They believe he was in a state of narcotic intoxication, when chased by a lizard, and fell into a pit, according to 9 News.

In March it was reported that an American resident of Honolulu, Hawaii, tried to get a lost ball and got stuck between the houses. Firefighters took more than three hours to do the course in a concrete wall and get him.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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