The movers and shakers of Hollywood announced the hunt to enrich them a fraud


Photo: Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Famous Hollywood producers looking for a mysterious con artist who is impersonating them and deceiving hundreds of people. This publication reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The woman, whose identity has not yet been set, there’s at least two and a half years. Most of its victims are somehow connected with the film industry. Among them were cameramen, photographers, stuntmen, hairdressers, makeup artists and military advisors. Through deception, flattery and threats, she managed to get them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As a rule, the swindler refers to the victims on behalf of one of well-known producers and offers to participate in the project on which she is supposedly working in Indonesia. In Jakarta they met the man on the moped, where they hand over several thousand dollars for transportation, translators and guides. The swindler promises to reimburse, but it does not.

Most of the victims have lost from five to seven thousand dollars. But there are people who have been to Indonesia several times and spent up to 50 thousand dollars.

A con artist was posing as a former head of Sony Pictures Entertainment Amy Pascal, Executive Director of 20th Century Fox Stacy Snyder, a former head of Paramount sherry Lansing, the producer of the movie “the Game Ender” and “Drive” Gigi Pritzker and Director and Executive producer of the TV series “the Walking dead”, “Mad men” and “homeland” Lesli Link Glatter.

The Hollywood Reporter found that three producers trying to find their own crook with the help of a detective firm K2 Intelligence. The sources claim that one of them is Amy Pascal. Another may be the head of Lucasfilms, Kathleen Kennedy, not so long ago complained that her name is used by criminals.

“This woman collects all possible information about their victims. It changes your voice and accent to sound exactly like the person she portrays. So she managed to fool so many people,” says an employee of K2 Intelligence Nicoletta Kotsinas.

K2 Intelligence believe that the fraud is of Asian origin. In addition, they noticed that its first victims were makeup artists from the UK. This may indicate that in the past she was a British make-up artist.

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