The snake fell from the ceiling at the sleeping American


Photo: NYS DEC

An American from new York state awoke to the fact that he fell snake, got scared and called rescuers. This was reported by news portal ABC 33/40.

The incident occurred in the village of Pulaski near the city of Oswego. Arrived at the staff of service of rescue and protection of animals confirmed the snake was an ordinary six-foot boa constrictor. He escaped from the cage of his master, who lived upstairs, crawls into the space under the floor and fell down.

Snake was delivered to the owner who had a license to its content. The man, who has fallen reptile was not injured.

In April it was reported about the Python that has crawled in bed with 12-year-old Australian woman and frightened her into hysterics. Parents do not have to comfort her, because I want to teach a child not to be afraid of snakes, but always be careful to check if there are reptiles around.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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