The student protested the humiliation of the girls came to class wearing bra


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In the UK, the student staged a protest, and together with my friends came to class wearing a sports bra. According to the publication Daily Mail, in this day, he was suspended from school.

Raymond Dean (Raymond Deane) from Liverpool decided to stand up for a classmate, he publicly reprimanded and kicked out of home due to the fact that it was a sports top. “Raymond was very angry and said she had to take aside and talk to her and not to curse in front of the class, since girls are so unsure of themselves,” explained Kim, the mother of a 15-year-old boy.

After that the British returned home and asked my sister and her friends sports bras, and the next day persuaded three friends to come to school like this. Four students isolated from other students and asked them either to change clothes and return to class or go home. Classmates Dina removed the tops, the boy went to the end.

The boy’s mother confessed that he was proud of his deed. “I’m really glad he stood up for the girl. I understand that the teachers sent him home because of so did his classmate, but they actually weren’t supposed to chase it,” added Kim. According to her, the school allowed to go with colored hair and piercings, so she did not consider sports tops should be banned.

However, the school Director Alan Owen (Owen Alun) noted that although their institution and no uniform, students should dress “as befit the occasion”: “We try to prepare them for adult life and working in the office, which involves the ability to dress differently for different events.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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