The teachers locked the Indian children in the basement just


Photo: Adnan Abidi / Reuters

The teachers at the girls school in the heart of Indian capital new Delhi was locked up small children in the basement alone and without food. It is reported by The Times of India.

According to the newspaper, the parents came to pick up preschoolers, but have not found them in the class. “When officers asked about the whereabouts of the children, they absolutely casually noted that those in the basement,” — said the mother of one of the girls. When the parents went into the room, it turned out to be locked from the outside.

As it turned out, the fifty children sat inside for nearly four hours, not fed and not given water. In addition, the room had no ventilation and the temperature reached 40 degrees, writes India Today. Some of the girls felt bad that they had to take him to the hospital. During questioning by police, children told that all the time with them was not one of the adults.

In the administration of the parents said that it happened because they allegedly did not pay on time records in the school system was not. While adults claim to have made money. Some also said that security was trying to kick the parents out of the building, and their children did not want to let out of the basement. After the incident, the parents went to the police. The principal was arrested on suspicion of unlawful deprivation of liberty of minors.

In official comments of the management of the school explained that the children were in the basement, as there is a playroom for preschoolers. They also began their own investigation to find out why the door was locked from the outside.

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