The transition Ronaldo began to continually enrich Juventus


Photo: Massimo Pinca / Reuters

Italian football club “Juventus” sells in a minute one t-shirt of Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo. It is reported by Tutto Juve.

According to the publication, due to the large number of requests stopped working online store. After that official of point of sale merchandise, Juventus started to grow the queue. The average cost of a t-shirt is 100 euros. The club intends to sell at least a million t-shirts.

11 July, workers of factory “Fiat” went on strike because of the transfer of Ronaldo. According to representatives of trade unions, unfair that “while workers and their families tighter and tighter tightening their belts, the owners decide to invest in one.”

Real Madrid announced the departure of 33-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus on 10 July. The amount of transition amounted to 100 million euros, which the Italian club will pay for two years. In addition, the Turin club will pay 12 million euros in the framework of the “associated costs” and under the regulations of the International football Federation (FIFA) “mechanism of solidarity.” Salary striker will be 30 million euros per year.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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