Unfazed, the bear got in the car and ate a sandwich


In the U.S. state of Georgia black bear climbed into the car and ate a sandwich. This publication reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Nurse Carrie watts (Carrie Watts) came to the patient on your own machine. The woman forgot to close the window and left on the seat of a sandwich, potato chips and cookies, which she had intended to eat during the lunch break.

The smell of food attracted a black bear. Beast climbed into the car through the window and ate it all. He then tore the child seat and destroy the stack of papers found in the cabin.

Watts tried to rattle pots and pans, but the animal ignored the noise. The woman then turned on the car alarm but the bear was not even embarrassed by the roar of sirens. After some time he got out of the car and left.

Black bear (baribal) — the most common in North America the species. The adult male reaches a length of 1.4-2 metres and weigh up to 360 kilograms. Representatives of this species rarely attack humans.

In may it was reported that in Connecticut scared the bear got stuck in the car and started beeping. The owner came to the police, who opened the car, after which the animal immediately ran away.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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