Women’s Breasts are turned into flower pots


Photo: @potyertitsawayluv

Artist Emma Lou (Emma Low) has created a collection of unique pots for flowers made in the shape of the female breast. About it reports The Independent.

Company Lowe’s aims to be inclusive, to show the diversity of feminine beauty and highlight the different types of breast. In your account in Instagram, which signed more than 45 thousand people, a woman shares photos of flower pots made in a single copy.

Lowe admits that Pot Away Yer Tits Luv has grown from a single pot in the shape of a breast, which she gave to the young man. Since then, the idea appealed to many customers, who have been asking us to produce flower pots in the form of their own Breasts. The company’s mission is to create objects that would include “everyone, regardless of their shape, size, gender, or skin tone”.

In April it was reported that the designers paid attention to the calls for plus size models and bloggers bodypositive and began to enter the clothing of their collections for more sizes. Previously, women with scars appeared on British show This Morning in their underwear to speak in support of the campaign bodypositive Love Disfigure (“Love injury”).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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