At MSU has developed effective protection of the media


Photo: Gleb Schelkunov / Kommersant

Scientist, Moscow state University have developed an algorithm that will allow to increase the computation speed of cryptographic transformations on elliptic curves, while consuming few computing resources. This algorithm can be used in projects to ensure security of Internet of things and the blockchain platforms. The research results were published in the journal Applied Mathematics and Computation. Press release available at the disposal “of the”.

Recently in information security have been increasingly used cryptographic transformations on elliptic curves. Such conversions can provide the same level of security as other types of cryptographic algorithms, but with shorter keys, which reduces the consumption of computing resources and memory.

The basic mathematical operation of transformation on the basis of elliptic curves is scalar multiplication. When such an operation is the multiplication of the elliptic curve point at parameter (scalar). A significant drawback of the scalar multiplication is its high computational complexity. This disadvantage can be reduced through the use of new efficient algorithms that have lower computational complexity.

“The study was found an algorithm with the least computational cost to perform a scalar multiplication of a point”, — said the author of the article Denis hleborodov.

The new algorithm belongs to the class of algorithms with stored pre. Prednisolone are calculations that are performed once before the main part of the work, and their results are used for new calculations. This reduces the complexity of sequential scalar multiplications.

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