Became homeless Alex told me about life with a prostitute tangkou


Surutto: Irina Bujor / “Kommersant”

Lost her apartment pop singer Shura (real name Alexander Medvedev) said that early in his career after moving to the capital lived on Leninsky prospect “together with a prostitute tangkou”. His words convey “the Source”.

“Started out homeless, and continue. Well, I now go to live on the same bench? By the way, my first housing in Moscow after the Botanical garden was also on Leninsky Prospekt. I lived there with a prostitute tangkou. At that time I began to sing in a diner for a bowl of soup, and I spent it with you. She’s earned the money,” said Shura.

The actor admitted that his partner is often left a long time, and he fed her dog, although he himself did not have enough food. “Remember how I thought: better a carrot to eat it or feed it to the dog,” he said.

July 9, Shura admitted that he had become homeless. The singer lost his apartment, which was acquired in 2003. He struggled with drug addiction and rewrote the property to another person.

Shura has gained popularity in the 1990-ies. Among the most famous of his compositions — “Otshumeli summer rains”, and “Do good”, “Cold moon” and “You do not believe in tears”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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