Chechen Minister urged Russians to honestly and openly have two wives


Dzhambulat, Omiroupoli: Victor Witelski / RIA Novosti

Minister of Chechnya in natspolitike Dzhambulat Umarov in the air of “Rain” and urged men not to hide polygamy.

“We’re talking about what do not be a hypocrite. If there is a need that beside you was another woman apart from your lawfully wedded wife, do it honestly and openly,” he said.

The Minister refuted media reports that police in the Republic was obliged to find a second wife within a month. Umarov stressed that this is a common joke that someone has circulated through WhatsApp.

In January 2016, the mufti of Stavropol region Muhammad Rakhimov said that the lifting of the official ban on polygamy in Russia could have saved the country from a demographic problem.

In the country, according to Rakhimov, many girls remain unmarried because of the insufficient number of men. He recalled that Muslims are encouraged to take up to four wives, but only if there is sufficient physical and financial capacity.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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