Conversation Briton with a homeless old woman has exposed the disregard of the authorities


Photo: Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

Resident of the County of Bedfordshire James Glew (James Gleave) forced subscribers to think about the injustice of the state system, published in a Twitter conversation with a helpless old lady on the forecourt.

The man noticed it when he moved from train to train. A woman of small stature with bags in his hands was shaking and looked like a homeless person. For starters, Glew briefly announced the story on Twitter and, realizing that she is of interest, I decided to describe it in detail. “Very strange happened to me on the way home tonight. I’m still processing what happened, as it was something that no doubt will stay with me forever,” intrigued the British.

Gliv asked the woman if she was okay, though, in his words, “needless to say, no.” 45 minutes they spoke on the platform, causing the man learned that the old woman 20 years ago immigrated from Bangladesh in search of a better life. However, in Britain it was faced with the cruelty of the spouse. Husband beat and raped her. Without having sustained, the woman gathered their belongings and ran away from home. Before you meet with Gljiva, she wandered for two weeks. It had worsened some of the disease, but to free prescription from the doctor and to buy medicines, she could not.

The old woman said that she did not help neither NGOs, nor the employment center, dealing with benefits and housing issues. It turned out that she has the right to some benefits, but only if it has a specific address.

The British were impressed by the history of the wandering life, and he volunteered to help her. Glew, called service, specializing in helping people caught in difficult situations. However, many of the rooms and he responded with denial or excuses.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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