Fame and money ruined the lives of the musician’s hit Never Gonna Give You Up


Rick Estlite: Angel Marchini / Globallookpress.com

British pop singer Rick Astley, best known for the song Never Gonna Give You Up, admitted that fame and money had fallen on him at 21, ruined relationships with friends and relatives. His words passes The Sun on Friday, July 13.

“In 20 years people try to understand who they are and what I want to do, and my life just exploded. I exceeded the plan. I remember that in my youth I wanted a Ferrari. By 21, I could buy several Ferrari,” said Astley.

According to him, the singer has lost all interest for self-development: “I always thought that I’m the youngest in the family with four children, and it is wrong that I have achieved everything in life.”

“I’m one of those people who will find anything to be upset even when things were booming,” said Astley.

Song Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up was released in 1987 and became a hit after being on the top of the British charts for five weeks. In 2007, the song became a Internet meme “rickrolling” when the victim is links to the desired page, slip the clip on this song. “Rickrolling” resorted, in particular, the creators of the series “the Wild West” and cartoon series “Rick and Morty”.

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