Japan and Korea had jets for Russian aircraft


Frame: Military AiirSource / YouTube

Fighters of South Korea and Japan was raised in the air to escort Russian strategic bombers Tu-95MS. This was announced on Friday, July 13, the Russian defense Ministry, reports TASS.

As reported by the Agency, the missile performed a scheduled flight over neutral waters of the Japanese sea and Yellow sea and Western Pacific ocean. The crews of Tu-95MS worked by refuelling in the air. They were accompanied by multi-role fighters su-35C.

“At separate stages of the route the crews of Tu-95MS bombers accompanied by fighters F-15, F-16 air force of the Republic of Korea, and F-2A air force in Japan,” said the defense Ministry.

The Ministry added that the long-range aviation pilots regularly fly over the neutral waters of Arctic, Atlantic, Black sea, Pacific ocean. All flights are performed in accordance with international regulations, the boundaries of other States are not violated.

The defense Ministry regularly reports on the planned maneuvers, and the intercept military aircraft from other countries which fly along the Russian borders. At the end of June it was reported that Air and space forces of Russia in the period recorded in the range of 20 foreign spy planes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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