Meghan Markle sacrificed his comfort for her husband


Meghan Markle Photo: Clodagh Kilcoyne / Reuters

Meghan Markle had to abandon the flat shoes due to the 16-centimeter height difference as with her husband, writes the Daily Mail.

Big difference in growth between partners creates an imbalance in the photographs. “It often happens that a small man next to the tall, in the pictures goes even lower than it actually is. And it seems that he looks up to his partner,” explained celebrity photographer Glenn Gratton.

According to him, Duchess of Sussex forced to wear high heels to minimize the difference with the spouse. Her height is 1,70 meters, and the height of Prince Harry of 1.86 meters.

Earlier in July it was reported that after the wedding with Prince Harry Meghan Markle has never been worn wedge shoes, because the Queen of England hates this model. Know it all women in the Royal family, and none of them wears these shoes in the presence of the Queen. However, they are allowed to wear wedge shoes in everyday life and during output without Elizabeth II.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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