Released a perfume with the scent of the desert


Photo: Louis Vuitton

French fashion house Louis Vuitton has introduced a new fragrance Ombre Nomade in the first men’s collection of perfumes Les Parfums Louis Vuitton. This “” has informed the representative a press-services home on Friday, July 13.

Creator of the fragrance, combining notes of Oud and hot metal, master perfumer of the house of Louis Vuitton Jacques Cavalier-Beltry. According to his plan the composition should remind you of the desert. Perfume is enclosed in a simple transparent bottle with a volume of 100 milliliters, reminiscent of an old pharmacy bottle with black cap. The novelty will go on sale in selected Louis Vuitton stores and on the official website of the house in August 2018.

Earlier in the line of Les Parfums five flavors: L Immensit√© (“Immensity”), which is based on the composition of the ginger and red orange Nouveau monde (“New world”) with notes of cocoa and spices, Orage (“Storm”) with a note of iris, Sur la route (on the road) with a citrus accord of lime and bergamot and Au hasard (“Random”) with notes of sandalwood.

Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 in France, a master for manufacture of trunks and travel bags Louis Vuitton. Specializiruetsya on the production of accessories, clothing, shoes, watches and jewelry for men and women. Also produces perfumes for men and women.

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