Strange engagement ring Emily Ratajkowski surprised fans


Photo: @emrata

American supermodel Emily Ratajkowski showed followers diamond engagement ring, which she produced by her own sketches. It is reported by Vogue.

Decoration design was unconventional: instead of a single stone on a thin Golden ring she placed two. In addition, one of the diamonds were square, and the second in the cut “pear”.

In the design took part and the husband of model Sebastian bear-Mcclard. Rutkowski said that the couple had more to do 50 sketches before they invented the perfect decoration.

“We liked the idea of two stones. We chose among the many. I have ruby as one of the stones, but then we liked the feminine form of “pear”, contrasting with the architecture of the square “Princess”,” — explained model.

Subscribers Ratajkowski has reacted ambiguously to the ring. Most liked the unique design, but some considered it strange and tasteless.

“In my opinion, this is one of the dirtiest rings in the world… I don’t like. I wonder if she picked it out herself or not” — criticized ones.

“The two stones? I’m not sure that we have your star man of similar tastes,” was supported by others.

Emily Ratajkowski was married February 23. The supermodel surprised his followers by posting on Instagram a photo with the caption: “Itaac, I have a surprise. I got married today”. Husband made Sebastian bear-Mcclard, whom she met just a few weeks.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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